Making foreign
languages native.

Precisely the learning price/quality you choose.

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Based upon a high-quality language school, Habla Palabra is the world’s first marketplace for individual classes with native speakers giving each student his personal perfect match trainer. Built to provide a consistent and reliable quality the platforms will offer native speaking trainers carefully chosen based on assessments only.

Key features:

  • advanced search & filtering based on learning purpose, price, trainer background and more
  • intelligent teacher assisting system for trainers
  • affordable prices due to a lean approach & dynamic pricing

As our name (Spanish for «say a word) suggests, our slogan is: Making abracadabra understandable. 

Our history

Habla Palabra? Able? Parabola? Abracadabra?

Habla Palabra (Spanish for «say a word») was founded as a German project in Moscow back in 2014. Providing one-to-one foreign language classes with native speakers we have been teaching not only German, but also English, Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese. All of our trainers have been chosen based on assignments and interviews to provide high-quality individually tailored lessons. With most of our trainers combine teaching experience and a professional background, so that they can provide specific vocabulary and slang in fields like business, finance, IT, medicine and many more.

Our task-based approach rapidly gained attention with Moscow being a growing market: top managers, business owners and their family members became our key customer group. Since years ago we believed in being able to provide top-class lessons in person only, our first big challenge was logistics in a huge and extremely active city. Having solved that helped us to discover the VIP market: wealthy customers based in noble suburbs.

The next milestone came in 2020, shortly before COVID’s big outbreak: having found a reliable virtual classroom service we started providing online classes. This step was crucial for the next two years, since many of our trainers and customers decided to relocate or went on a home office mode. At the same time this became the beginning of a new chapter in expanding our business — with Habla Palabra attracting customers from the US, Germany, France and Switzerland.

From autumn 2021 we have been working on our concept of a foreign language teaching platform, which is going to become our next step in «making abracadabra understandable».


Made by market insiders in Germany. Based in a neutral place. Available anywhere.